Start of a place search engine for new retail and service outlets

In September 2021, after a long period of preparation and testing, our new search engine was launched. So far, there are only a few cities to choose from: Szczecin, Poznań and Warsaw. A few more larger towns will be launched soon. We hope that our search engine will contribute to faster and rational development of the network of retail and service outlets in selected cities. Unfortunately, many institutions of this type are created without prior geomaketing recognition.

Such institutions very often close after several months of operation. This generates unnecessary losses in many areas. First of all, the entrepreneur loses in the form of invested financial capital and the time and commitment devoted to a new investment. The city also loses because certain local taxes and part of the entrepreneur’s income tax will not be transferred to the city budget. The city’s inhabitants are also losing because in some areas there is an excess of retail and service outlets and in some areas there is a shortage. Thus, everyone, both the city hall, residents and entrepreneurs, should be interested in an even and rational development of the retail and service network in a given city.